Sportzcast is live scoreboard data sourced directly from the scoreboard itself and delivered into your production environment in real-time. Our automated workflow tools allow your organization to apply scoreboard data in real-time to various applications. Examples of these applications include: broadcast graphic overlays (including integrations into leading major production platforms), real-time video annotation & metadata syncing, post production editing systems, website scoreboards & more.

We accomplish all of this with our scoreboard interface devices, called “Scorebots”. Scorebots attach directly to existing venue scoreboard systems and relay the game data in real-time to your workflow. Scorebots have been connected in over 5,000 venues. Compatible with over 100 different makes & models of scoreboards, we cover virtually every scoreboard you could come across both in the U.S. and Internationally. We even have a solution for venues that do not have traditional electronic scoreboards via our SportzBot application.

Simply put, we provide a simple & reliable solution for the most important and difficult part of live sports production – real-time, accurate game data.


Sportzcast Scorebot data is natively integrated with most major sports production, broadcast & coaches tool platforms.
Display real-time scoreboard data from ANY scoreboard type in your production environment in real-time.

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Sportzcast real-time data can be delivered to a number of real-time applications

Some of these destinations include:

Scorebots have been connected in 5,000+ venues

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